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Marathon course 2018

Friday travelling & expo

We arrived at lunchtime on Friday on a flight out of Luton that only took  1 hour 45 mins. At the airport there is a bus that takes you into town but as it is only 3 miles away we jumped into a cab that took 10 mins and cost £4.50 (23 Zloty). The bus departs from line “L” Posen-Lawica to get the station Swiety-Marcin-StraBe which is 5 mins from the Hotel. 


The hotel we stayed at was the NH Poznan as it is only 15 mins from Parkrun and 10 mins from the start/finish and expo. I would highly recommend this hotel, the location was perfect, the rooms were comfortable and clean and it had a bar, restaurant and spa and free biscuits in the reception!

After checking into the hotel we headed to the expo and collected our race numbers & goodie bags. Not only did we get a new sports bag & t-shirt there was plenty of chocolates & protein bar & also 2 bottles of beer, sadly one was alcohol free but still a great bag!

After the expo we went into the stunning Old Town square for some food & drinks in one of Poland’s most interesting market squares. There is so many different bars & restaurants to choose from with lots of sides streets with more bars & restaurants to choose from that are all very well priced in comparison to England.


One of the favourite bars we went into was Ministererstwo Browaru, Ratajczaka 34, 61-816 Poznan. They was a wide selection of beers and real ales that included 10 on draft and a massive selection of bottled beers and ciders.

Bar Ministerstow Browaru

Old Town Square

Saturday Parkrun & Pasta Party

On Saturday morning we got up and walked to Parkrun, which was less than 2 km away from the hotel. The Parkrun is situated at Park Cytadela which a large park that is North of the city centre that is on the site of Fort Winiary. I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite Parkruns that I have ever done, a one lap course is always a preference for me but this one had many twists and turns and was undulating through the park. There was also a lost of historical sights to see whilst running around the park including a military museum, various tanks and trucks from the war and a peace bell near the finish area. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming and they invited us to join them for breakfast afterwards. We decided to stay and carry on walking around the park as there was so much more we wanted to see including the abandoned amphitheater and the sculpture display Nierozpoznani (The Unrecognized One’s). Absolutely stunning park and well worth a visit.


Pasta Party

Included in the race entry is a free ticket to the pasta party which we visited in the afternoon. There was a meat or vegetarian option and although it wasn’t the most exciting bowl of pasta I’ve ever had it but I’m not going to knock a free meal before race day!

The pasta party was at the exhibition centre where we picked up our race numbers from and runs from 12:00 to 20:00. Also included in the race entry free was the option to sleep in one of the halls for free so really good for anyone that is travelling on a budget.



Nierozpoznani (The Unrecognised One’s)

Parkrun course

Marathon day

The marathon started at 9am and being only a 15 minute walk meant we didn’t have to get up so early for a change. However participants of the marathon between the 12-4 October can move by public transport for free (zone A + B + C) just by showing our bib number and ID.


Inside there was a really organised bag drop and outside and there was plenty of toilets for everyone and just before the start they had music players and people of stages to get everyone warmed up and ready to start. With just under 5,000 people the start wasn’t to busy and got going quickly with a nice out and back for the first 7k. There was water stations and timer mats every 5k that included isotonic drinks, oranges, banana’s, chocolate and sugar cubes. The next few kilometres were mainly along main roads until you reach kilometre 25 where you hit Malta Lake, which is a really cool lake with water sports and fair ground rides. The course then continues along roads until about 32km when you go round the outside of Park Solacki and then you hit some very busy main roads where the traffic is being stopped for you. Around 38km you see INEA stadium which had some mascots our cheering on everyone. The last 3km is the same road that you start the race on and you finish with a nice purpose built stadium finish. Water,  fruit and another free beer when you finish


Overall - Fantasticly organised race, best value for money but not the most scenic course, very flat so could be a PB course.


If you are interested in taking part in Poznan marathon next year and would like me to organise your trip then contact me at carolinelovestotravel@hotmail.com or visit my website carolinehargreaves.inteletravel.com